Coronavirus Chaos

Unfortunately for you first time viewers of Tailgate Talk, there will be nothing sports related spoken of here in this particular article.  I obviously can’t talk about sports because there are none being played during the present time.

So let’s talk about what everyone else is talking about, the goddamn Coronavirus, YAY!

I’ve heard the word Coronavirus more times in the past two weeks than I’ve heard my name over the course of my entire life!

Is it as serious as the media wants us to believe?  Is everyone overreacting?

The beauty of living in this day and age we are in is that information is readily available at our fingertips, what with everyone owning a mini-personalized computer in the form of smartphones and carrying it around everywhere we go, there’s no excuse not to be able to get to the bottom of a serious crisis such as this current pandemic.

Yet the problem lies in the fact that there are sooo many different ideas and theories behind what’s causing it, or the real agenda behind such a blatant distraction, that it’s impossible to tell what’s real and what isn’t.

Now, I’m not going to link any other articles because, again, anything specific that you’re looking for should be easy to find.  I’ve had friends send me tons of videos insinuating what the real purpose behind this whole ordeal is, and theories have gone as far as, but are not limited to:

  • China coming up with Covid-19 as a distraction from the fact that they created a bioweapon that was accidentally discharged, thus causing Hong Kong protestors to become sick (notice how the Hong Kong protests magically stopped after being such a big deal?)
  • China using the Coronavirus to spread and weaken other economies while not revealing what they did to contain it, thus causing other nation’s stock markets to take major hits while their’s remains relatively unfazed.
  • The US Government creating Covid-19 to cause fear and unnecessary panic, creating a demand for a vaccine which, once it’s released, will actually be a tool for the government to track people with a microchip that’s implanted under the skin, and limit people’s ability to travel or function in society if they refuse it.
  • Covid-19 being a distraction from the fact that 5G towers are being built and are the real reason for why people are suffering flu-like symptoms (5G is said to be a very dangerous technology that might be critical to the health of most humans.)
  • An actual, legit virus pandemic that the World Health Organization is legitimately trying to reduce the spread of.

Now, at this point in time, I have no idea what the actual truth is.  I don’t think many of us do, honestly.  But I’m the type of person that likes to entertain all the scenarios that are floating out there just so I can be aware of all the possibilities.  So I’ll continue to look into whatever conspiracy theories or logical explanations are sent my way.

Eventually the truth will come out, but are there any scenarios that I might not have seen yet?  If anyone is willing to share, I’m all eyes and ears.

In my next column I will be revising my Unofficial Guide to being a True Sports Fan, a concept that needs to be addressed almost yearly since the bandwagoners out there don’t seem to get it.

Until next time, stay safe out there.  And wash your hands.  Even when this is over, wash your damn hands!


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